Here at Miss Foxy we’ve been working hard to launch our very own makeup line! This process has been so fun to create and amazing complete Miss Foxy are proud to show off TTIBISS as we are a vegan and cruelty free brand making this one of many steps to helping the planet.

Our fave picks and top tips!

Dramatic wispy effect false lashes CODE: MFOX/BEAU/0024

Top tip: When fitting your lashes make sure to always cut the outer lash and not the inner. This creates a natural blend to your actual lashes!

Lipstick – Cider

Top tip: Apply loose powder onto your lipstick when applied to add a matte effect!


Liquid eyeliner

Top tip: Everyone loves a dramatic wing right? Us too… for best results try not to pull the skin when applying as this drags the skin down. Use the tip of the liner to create a sharp point at the end of the wing!

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