Top 10 Romantic Cinematic Moments

Happy Valentines! We hope your day is full of love and presents! Or if you’re single enjoy your ex-boyfriend bonfire…

To get ourselves in the romantic mood we’ve compiled our favourite romantic moments in film.

Pretty Women

Who would have thought a film about a prostitute would be one of the romantic films of all time. Our favourite moments have got to be the bathtub scenes and the steamy  piano scene.

Miss Foxy Blog - Top 10 Most Romantic Cinematic Moments

Top Gun 

This is our top romantic film to watch with your man. Good old fashioned romance for us, and boys toys for him. We love those motorbike scenes with Tom Cruise looking incredibly cool.


The Bodyguard 

Not only did this film supply us with one of the most romantic love stories of all time, but also our favourite power ballad.


Love Actually

One of THE cutest moments in cinematic history. Boys take note we’d love for you to knock on our door and do this.


Dear John

A modern day classic, our favourite scene in Dear John is the rain scene. Why is it so romantic to kiss in the rain?!



This is possibly the scene we’d want to recreated the most. Especially if our guy had guns like Patrick Swayze.


Romeo & Juliet

Literally THE most romantic story in history. Baz Luhrmann version of Romeo & Juliet is made even better by the fact that it features our favourite Romantic actor. Oh Leo!



Dirty Dancing 

Another appearance in the top ten for Patrick Swayze. His appearance in Dirty Dancing created some of the most memorable scene’s and quote in film history. Most notably ‘Nobody puts Baby in the corner’ and the lift!



The Notebook 

Another amazing rain kissing scene. Seriously hope it rains today now.




The most romantic film of all time? Everyone’s recreated the ‘I’m Flying’ scene, but we’d prefer to recreate the car scene…


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